About Us

Saina Video Vision

It was in 1995,these Malayalam vcd came into light.At that time due to lack of facilities in India,the compact disc was mastered and formatted in Hong Kong.Both ,we released In India and Overseas first.We had released almost 500 titles altogether.The price of vcd started from Rs.600 ,then Rs.200 and now it’s available at Rs.28. In 2006,we associated with prominent International concern MoserBaer for the joint venture of marketing the Malayalam Videos with wide network by reducing the price. It was a great advantage for the customer .Also the piracy was considerably reduced.

Now we have two exclusive showrooms of Moserbaer in cochin .We also have possession of a Digital Mastering Studio at kadavanthra ,cochin in name of MEDIA FOCUS .We are also continuing the business of marketing 1000 titles overseas.

MEDIA FOCUS Presents a unique set of enabling technologies that support a truly integrated “start to finish” post production environment. The activities of Media focus covers the various aspects of video post production namely

Non-Linear Editing : Avid for both film and video post
DVD Authoring and premastering
Audio Studios :For voice over and sound effects creation.
Audio Recording : For song and background score
Audio track mixing for Dolby Digital surround and mono

The suites are equipped with Digibeta, Beta,DV, CD, DVD machines making it a single stopover for all editing and audio posting work.

Uncompressed video image at 1:1 resolution is offered for video films for telecast purposes.

The Authoring with Motion Graphics Menu, Stereo or Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio track options, audio encoding and English/Indian language subtitling. Any source in PAL/NTSC can be taken up.

The DVD facilities are provided with Professional MPEG2 encoders for better picture quality using the hardware made by well known company namely apple technologies

Encoding is done using both Variable Bit Rate (VBR) and Constant Bit Rate (CBR).

The Audio Studio within the same sprawling campus provide an instant solution to meeting the standard sound requirement for DVD mastering. We can provide Dolby Digital 5.1 psuedo conversion from a mono track, original Dolby Digital surround.