Aalancheri Thmbrakal

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Chandappan Gurukkal (Narendra Prasad) and Chathukutty Bhagavathar (Nedumudi Venu) are brothers who are popularly known as Alanchery Thamprakkal. Hailing from feudal family, both enjoy a strong reputation in the village. Both have five sons each, and they share a strong bonding. While Gurukal and sons are experts in Kalaripayattu and other martial arts, Bhagavathar and sons are famous musicians. Meera (Annie), a teenage girl arrives at the village along with Retd.Captain Mukundan Menon (Rajan P. Dev), her grandfather and starts residing at the house of Bhagavathar on rent. She claims to Bhagavathar that she is the daughter of Karthu, his old lover, who was forced to leave the village long back for being pregnant with his daughter. Meera also adds that she is now back to meet her father and would like him to accept as her daughter. After consulting with Gurukkal, he decides to accept her as his daughter. But at the same time another person arrives, claiming himself as Bhagavathar’s son. But when beaten severely by Bhagavathar’s sons, he spells out the truth that he is a drama actor and has arrived for money. In the meantime, Unni (Dileep), son of Gurukkal falls in love with Meera and both Gurukkal and Bhagavathar decides to get her married to him. While things are moving smoothly, Keshu Varma (Shivaji) arrives at village claiming that Meera is none other than his daughter Lekha Varma, who had escaped from a mental hospital along with Syriac John another patient


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