Adimakal Udammakal

Adimakal Udamakal (English: Slaves are the Masters) is a 1987 Malayalam-language Indian feature film directed by I. V. Sasi, starring Mammootty, Mohanlal, Nalini, Seema in the lead roles. Ratheesh, Mukesh, Urvashi, Jagathi Sreekumar, Captain Raju, Lizy, Sukumari and Santhakumari in major supporting roles.


Product Description

It is a political film on trade union and its functioning in factories. The story revolves a trade union and company owner. She brings new manager Mohan Cheriyan (Mohanlal) to solve the company issues with trade union leaders. When the company was about to lay off due to union problems, Raghavan (Mammootty)suggest a new formula for solving the company issues and this leads to save the company. finally Raghavan was killed by his own men. The film also shows the nexus between Politicians and factory owners dumping workers for their selfish deeds.



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