Chanakyan (Malayalam: ചാണക്യൻ) is a 1989 Malayalam film directed by T K Rajeev Kumar, and starring Kamal Haasan, Jayaram and Urmila Matondkar.


Product Description

Johnson (Kamal Haasan) falls in love with the daughter of a politician Madhava Menon portrayed by Thilakan. Madhava Menon does not like the relation and he destroys Johnson’s family. Johnson wants to take revenge on the politician. Johnson takes the help of a mimicry artist Jayaram, played by Jayaram for this. At first Jayaram does not know Johnson’s intentions, but when he knows the real reason behind it, he supports Johnson. Johnson uses clever tactics for his revenge. He asks Jayaram to mimic the voice of the politician, who is now the chief minister of Kerala and read out false promises through TV and radio. This humiliates the politician in public. Finally, he forces the politician to shoot him and Johnson dies thus making the politician a murderer and destroying his political future.



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