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Ben is a malayalam comedy movie written and directed by Vipin Atley [ Homely meals fame ] Produced by Dr. Sajan K George under the banner of Vibgyor cinema. 

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There is an amount of honesty in the narrative. This is a very child oriented movie, which forces the characters in it and the viewers who watch them to think from the perspective of the child. The movie is all about Ben who is the least interested in studies. His extended family dotes on him and this allows him to side step his mother’s worry about him.

Things start to slide when the family moves away from this joint family set up and Ben is forced to confront his mother’s ambition for him to which he cannot cope. This is where we are led to Ben’s emotional turmoil, shown very melodramatically which leaves a lump in the throat. As with most of these kinds of movies, this movie too tells the message to leave the child alone basically and let him chart his own path.

Vipin Atley who made a mark with ‘Homely Meals’ has directed this movie and there sure is creativity in his craft. He is one promising director to watch out for. There are moments in ‘Ben’ specially in the second half where the narrative seems stretched out on the emotional side and Ben’s overcoming of odds could have been done better.

‘Ben’ has used satire too to drive home pertinent points regarding a child’s mind and parental over expectations burdening a child.  There are subtle humour, but the darkness of the tale in between is heart wrenching.This is one engaging tale told honestly.


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