Ee Puzhayum Kadannu(Malayalam : ഈ പുഴയും കടന്ന്) is a 1996 Malayalam film directed by Kamal and starring Dileep and Manju Warrier.

The movie has melodious songs composed by Johnson with lyrics by Gireesh Puthenchery.

Product Description

Anjali (Manju Warrier) is the third daughter of a music teacher. She lives with her sisters (Mohini and Chippy) and grandmother (Lakshmi Krishnamurthy). Her life changes when Gopi (Dileep) moves to his brother’s (N. F. Varghese) house as her neighbor. At first they dislike each other, but eventually they fall in love. However, she has a problem with their marriage since she has two elder unmarried sisters. Gopi finds a groom for Anjali’s mute sister (Mohini), but the marriage does not work out. Gopi’s friend (Biju Menon) admits that he loves Anjali’s sister, and so Gopi helps him marry her.
When their step-brother (Meghanathan) steals the ornaments from Anjali’s house, Gopi finds him and accidentally kills him. He confesses to Anjali that he killed him, but they hide this due to the wedding of Anjali’s second sister (Chippy) and her boyfriend (Sudheesh). Gopi is arrested in front of the wedding guests, including Anjali.
After five years, when Gopi comes back from jail, Anjali and her whole family are waiting for him, and the movie ends on a positive note.


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