Jamna Pyari

Jamna Pyari is a 2015 Malayalam comedy film written by P. R Arun and directed by Thomas Sebastian. The film starsKunchacko Boban and Gayathri Suresh in the lead roles.

Product Description

The story begins with Vasu, father of Vasoottan (Kunchacko) rescuing people from a bus fallen from a bridge on to a flooded river. During the rescue, vasu gets drowned in front of the onlookers which include his friend Prakashan (Joy mathew), his wife and his child while trying to rescue a kid. Then the story moves over to Vasootan who is a Auto-Rickshaw driver, who is a very helpful person who has got all the good qualities like his father. He helps anyone who is in need. Sabu (Suraj Venjarumoodu) is Vasootan’s friend, who was a one time goon and got reformed due to Vasootan’s influence. Vasootan helps Sabu to marry Muthumani.


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