32am Adhyayam 23am Vakyam

32aam Adhyayam 23aam Vaakyam: A gift packed with suspense

When the director duo Arjun Prabhakaran and Gokul Ramakrishnan chose a relatively long title from the Bible, 32aam Adhyayam 23aam Vaakyam for their debut film, the intentions were very clear, they just don’t want another thriller in the usual format. The title is the key in this suspense thriller and the responses from the theater after the first show of 32aam Adhyayam 23aam Vaakyam are any indicators, the director duo’s decision and creative choice seems a right one.

Product Description

The film has a navel chord connection with the Bible. The story revolves around a mysterious gift. We see Freddy, a good looking and smart NRI, coming home to celebrate his first wedding anniversary at the beginning of the movie. A gift and his lovely wife Aan are waiting for him in his home. But the gift was not only packed with love, but a series of complicated problems.

How Freddy solves the problems without damaging his love life and how Aan cope up and support Freddy in the tantrum constitute the rest of the movie. The plot holds a firm connection with the Bible and a particular line in it. It is working as key to unfold the underlying mystery in the story.

The director duo Arjun Prabhakaran and Gokul Ramakrishnan has proved their mettle and craft with the sharp storytelling and intense treatment. The script is so tight that it never lets loose the viewer’s attention to anywhere. The directors also keep their family audience in mind and put occasional refreshments in the form of comedy and light hearted romance in the midst of a suspense express ride.

The pick of the film is Govind Padmasoorya’s Freddy. The actor reinvents himself to bring out his career best performance as Freddy. Govind flawlessly enacts the emotional highs and lows of the young, care for nothing NRI character.

Miya keeps her charm and cool acting in the garb of Freddy’s wife, Aan. The actress is convincing in her both the manifestations as a new age, young and dynamic journalist and Freddy’s loving and caring wife at home. Both Govind and Miya could rob the viewer with their stunning chemistry together. There are all the reasons hail them as the pair of the year.

Lal, Sunil Sukhada, Indrans, Kalinga Sashi and the new face Rahul Karthik did their jobs with intensity on the screen.  Bijibal and lyricist Anu Elizabeth Jose offers a good musical experience which supports the whole mood and tone of the thriller. DOP Jemin Jom is the man of the hour with his scintillating visuals. Altogether, 32aam Adhyayam 23aam Vaakyam is a gift that wrapped neatly and skillfully with suspense.


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