Injakadan Mathai & Sons

Injakkadan Mathai & Sons is a 1993 Malayalam film written by Kaloor Dennis and directed by Anil Babu, starring Suresh Gopi, Jagadish, Innocent, and Urvashi.


Product Description

Injakkadan Mathai owns a textile shop called Injakkadan Mathai & Sons with his two sons Roy and Thankachan. Their main rival is the Chungathara clan who also own a textile shop. Thankachan marries Beena, who was the daughter of Mathai’s friend, Thomachen. Roy falls in love with Shirley, Beena’s sister. However they learn that Chungathara Chackochen had killed Thomachen. Inchakkadan Mathai was kidnapped by Chackochen and gets saved by his two sons.



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