Iruvattom Manavaatty

Iruvattam Manavaatti is a Malayalam language film. It was released in 2005.

The movie was based on the politics background of Kannur. The movie was based on the life of a veterinary doctor (Kunchacko boban) and a girl (Kavya) born in a strong communist family of Kannur. The movie deals with all the happenings after both of them fall in love.

Product Description

It is a sweet love story with lots of complications. Boban Kunchacko plays Gautham, a government veterinary doctor. During the election time just like many other government employee, Gautham also has to go for election duty. He was picked to go to Kannur.

As a young bachelor, Gautham was in search of a nice girl. It so happened during his short stay in Kannur, he meets Bhumika (Kavya), a beautiful young, local girl. Gautham falls in love with Bhumika. Most of the time he keeps dreaming about her and approaches her in different ways. But Bhumika is not really interested in him mainly because she has complications at home.

Hareendran (Madhu Warrier) is one of the goondas who has done a lot of dirty work including murder, for Raghavan. Raghavan has promised Hareendran that he will get Bhumika married to him. But Hareendran is wanted in a murder case and he is hiding in some place. Bhumika doesn’t like Hareendran at all but she couldn’t show her affection for Gautham because of Hareendran’s goondaism. As the story unfolds a new candidate, a medical doctor Sudhir (Nishant Sagar)  appear with a proposal to marry Bhumika. Very soon he realizes that there are complications and that Bhumika is close to Gautham. Sudhir informs Raghavan about the lovers and he fixes her marriage to Hareendran. Will Gautham and Bhumika be able to get married? You should see the movie to find out if the lovers unite.

The director Sanal spins a cute story out of the regular “masala”. This love story is sweet in it’s own way. It could be nostalgic for those people who like this kind of stories. Boban Kunchacko is good as Gautham. Kavya does justice to her role. Lyrics by Kaithapuram are good.


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