Rajavinte Makan

Rajavinte Makan (Malayalam: രാജാവിന്റെ മകൻ; English: The Son of a King) is a 1986 Indian Malayalam crimedrama film directed by Thampi Kannanthanam and written by Dennis Joseph. It film stars Mohanlal in title role as underworld don Vincent Gomas, it also stars Ratheesh, Ambika, and Suresh Gopi. It was one of the classic movie of action genre. It achieved a cult status in Kerala. Mohanlal was raised to the peak of Superstardom through this film. Vincent Gomas the lovable underworld don became a cult figure as youth imitated his mannerisms and uttered his punch dialogues with religious intensity. The film was a milestone in Malayalam film industry. It was the highest grosser of 1986. The film ran over a long period.

The film follows underworld don Vincent Gomas (Mohanlal) and his rivalry against the Kerala Chief minister N. Krishnadas (Ratheesh). Mohanlal turned into a prominent star overnight with the huge success of the film.[2] It has a cult following. The film was the highest grossing film of 1980s. It is one of the highest grossing Malayalam films of all time. Mohanlal played a negative role in the film and he became a superstar through this film and it introduced a new cinematic dimension in Malayalam film industry. It is considered as one of the best action movies of all time. It ran for over 200 days with a record at the box office.

Product Description

The film starts with Krishnadas (Ratheesh) becoming home affairs minister of Kerala. After college graduation Krishnadas starts working for an Underworld Don Vincent Gomas (Mohanlal). Vincent helps Krishnadas reach great heights and subsequently enter politics. With Vincent’s help Krishnadas makes himself a good political career,but soon he cheats Vincent to gain favor among people as well as the party. Thus, Krishnadas becomes the home affairs minister of the state by making an enemy of Vincent Gomas. Vincent plans a payback and he successfully manages to do so by manipulating Nancy(Ambika),an advocate who carries the case of his file which if submitted to court may lead to imprisonment for several years. He soon realizes that Nancy has struggled a lot in life as an orphan and later, a single mother. However, because of Vincent’s plan Nancy loses her job. Vincent, now remorseful of his actions, makes amends to Nancy and they become friends.

Krishnadas goes after Vincent Gomas with his political power and Vincent ends up losing all his wealth. Vincent plans to kill Krishnadas and entrusts the duty to Kumar (Suresh Gopi),a trusted gangster of Vincent Gomas. Kumar and another mate get killed during the attack against the Krishnadas. The loss of his trusted friends makes him extremely violent and vengeful. Vincent drives towards the parliament where Krishnadas works as a minister. He starts open firing and kills many policemen and Krishnadas’s political aides. He confronts Krishnadas when Nancy begs him for Krishnadas’ life as Krishnadas is the father of her child. At the same time cops reach the site and shoot Vincent Gomas several times. He ends up dying in the hands of Nancy. The film ends as Nancy stares at the picture of Vincent Gomas on his housewall.


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