Mattoral (Malayalam: മറ്റൊരാള്‍) is a 1988 Malayalam family drama film directed by K. G. George, and starring Mammootty, Karamana Janardanan Nair and Seema. The film is written by C. V. Balakrishnan and is an adaptation of his own novel of the same title.


Product Description

Kaimal and Susheela are leading a troubled married life. The latter is unsatisfied with the ignorance from her husband. Susheela, a mother of two children, indulges in a physical relation with a car mechanic named Giri. On an unfortunate day, she elopes with Giri to start a new life. After the incident, Kaimal is harassed by many of his friends and colleagues. Balan, a friend of Kaimal, helps him to get a relief. Balan tries to bring back Susheela, who was still having an unsatisfied life with Giri, to Kaimal’s life. He arranges a meeting between Susheela and Kaimal in a beach. But, they found Kaimal dead after being stabbed by himself with a knife.



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