Hareendran Oru Nishkalankan

Hareendran Oru Nishkalankan is a 2007 Malayalam film, made in India, directed by Vinayan, and written by Vishnu Vinayan, based on his own comic book. The movie stars Indrajith and Jayasurya in the lead roles.


Product Description

The movie is narrated by Hareendra Varma, who is a rich young businessman. He is acquitted by the court in a sensational murder case. He begins narrating the story on the morning of the date of his death sentence.

GK, or Gopalakrishnan, is Hareendran’s close friend who thinks that money is the only important thing in life. He used to work sincerely for Hareendran’s company, Starline Software Incorporated. Hareendran got a proposal from Indu, the daughter of a rich businessman. GK and his girlfriend Pooja helps Hareendran in meeting Indu and discussing things since Hareendran was a shy guy. Alex, who is an idealist, is in love with Indu. But they have silly quarrels, and many times, their respective egos do not permit them.


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