F.I.R is a 1999 Malayalam action movie. Directed by Shaji Kailas, starring Suresh Gopi, Indraja, Biju Menon, Bheeman Raghu, Maniyan Pillai Raju and Rajeev. The film was well received at box office.The film is loosely based on the 1987 American movie The Untouchables which is directed by Brian De Palma.


Product Description

Roy Alex (K. B. Ganesh Kumar), an investigative journalist is doing a feature on hawala money that is being pumped in from the Middle East through hawala dealings. He is summoned to the house of Rahim Haji (Narendra Prasad), a high profile businessman, who is also a former Member of Parliament. Rahim Haji wants Alex to create a media sabotage through his feature, where by exposing Narendra Shetty (Rajeev), a business tycoon who owns Shetty Corporation. Roy Alex follows Chakrapani, a hawala dealer of Shetty on his bike. On way back after secretly clicking his snaps exchanging cash, Roy Alex is brutally killed by Chakrapani (Bheeman Raghu) and his goons. Rahim Haji upon realizing that Alex is dead, is panicked. But within minutes, he comes face to face with Narendra Shetty, who shoots him down for trespassing into his shady business secrets.

The Muslim political organization, which Rahim Haji was representing at Parliament, demands a special investigation into the death of Haji. The chief minister, (Janardhanan) appoints Mohammed Sarkar (Suresh Gopi), one of the smartest officers to probe the murder of Haji. Mohammed Sarkar takes the help of Panicker (N. F. Varghese), a retired police officer, who was also his teacher at the police academy. Mohammed forms an investigating team composed of a sharp shooter, Gregory (Biju Menon) and IT savvy Gurumoorthy (Maniyan Pillai Raju), who are circle inspectors at Kerala Police. Mohammed notices differences in the flow of blood on a particular photograph of the dead body of Rahim Haji, which makes him convinced that the particular snap was clicked just minutes after the murder showing that there was someone else at the murder spot. Going after the photograph that was published at Mathrurajyam, a leading daily, Mohammed nabs Ramachandra Adiga (Kumarakom Raghunath), a senior visualizer/copy writer at Shetty Corporation. But Adiga at the special court refuses to identify Shetty as the murderer. Chakrapani dramatically arrives at court claiming himself to be the murderer of Rahim Haji. Mohammed Sarkar goes after Chakrapani and reaches out to a technical institute run by a Christian priest (Karamana Janardanan Nair). There, Mohammed Sarkar is shocked to find that they were manufacturing components commonly used in semi automatic rifles. But delving further, he finds out that the priest is innocent, but he is tricked to manufacture illegal equipments by a Tamil Nadu based businessman. The next day, the priest is found murdered. Mohammed feels someone following him and one night, nabs the stalker, Shivaram (Saikumar), a former army man who is ordered for court martial.

Shivram claimed innocence and reveals the incidents that had led to his court martialing. Shivaram at one night at war front in Karimnagar witnesses Narendra Shetty involved in illegal arms supply with Brig.Giridhar Barua (Devan). To stop the secret from leaking out, they try to shoot down Shivram. But they fails in killing him. Court martial was a plot fabricated to silent Shivaram. Mohammed arrests Chakrapani and from him more shocking truths are revealed. Mohammed Sarkar submits his FIR to the chief minister. He orders Mohammed to hand over the report to authorities at Delhi. Mohammed reaches the army headquarters in Delhi and hands over Shivram, but to his surprise, the officer who was in charge was Brig. Barua, who shoots down Shivram. At night, Mohammed Sarkar trespasses into the farm house of Barua and kills him. He arrives at the godown where explosives were stocked by Narendra Shetty. Narendra Shetty reveals his dream of igniting a civil war in the country through which he could grab power of the army. Mohammed Sarkar, but succeeds in killing Shetty, thus bringing an end to his dream.


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