Devadoothan (Malayalam: ദേവദൂതന്‍, English: Messenger of God) is a 2000 Malayalam musical mystery romance film directed by Sibi Malayil starring Mohanlal and Jayaprada. The film garnered immensely popular reviews from the critics but failed at the box-office. But it met with great appreciation from the audience when released in Home Media and when aired on television. It is considered as one of the best classic works of Sibi Malayil .


Product Description

Devoothan tells us a beautiful love story of Aleena and Maheswar which is brought to the audience through Vishal Krishnamoorthy. As the story begins, we see Vishal Krishnamoorthy (Mohanlal) a well reputed musician who is about to receive a popular music award for his wonderful musical album “Rhythm of Love”. From there the director takes us back to the past where we see a Vishal who has earned nothing in life except a large amount of debt. Despite having a deep knowledge and passion in music he is struggling very much to build a career of his own. He tried several businesses but all was in vein.

In this context, Vishal gets a letter from his old principal priest (principal achan) of the college where he has studied and from where he was once expelled by Madam Angelina Ignatius (Jayaprada) who runs the college in the memory of his father William Ignatius (Kitty). It was an invitation rather request the principal to do a musical play for the students of the same college which is written by the principal achan himself. There is a special musical instrument called “Seven Bells” which is kept by Angelina in a chapel of the college. She never allowed anybody to have even a look at the instrument for it was that much precious for her. Vishal was accused of playing the seven bells which made Angelina furious and thus he was terminated from the college. At first Vishal refuses to accept the call because of his hatred towards the college but later he agrees and reaches the college.

The story of the play that Vishal is about to direct is a love story of Mary and Nikhil Maheswar. The story goes like Mary is the only daughter of a rich man who fell in love with a poor young musician namely Nikhil Maheswar. Despite the dislike from her father she became deeply intimate with Nikhil Maheswar. But when he went back to get the consent of his parents for their marriage he never came back. Mary went on waiting for him. But after Vishal’s interference into the play it gradually began to change. From the first day of his arrival Vishal started to feel the presence of an unseen power around him. As he was composing a song for the play at that night, he happened to hear a beautiful melodic composition from the tape. Even after he turns it off, the music goes on from nowhere. Realizing the shocking fact that it was the same symphony that made him expelled from the college and that made his life to suffer so far. As the rehearsal of the play progress, in a scene where Mary expresses her love to Maheswar, Vishal gets irritated by the name ‘Mary’ and replaces it with a new name ‘Aleena’ which he extracts from the music he heard last night.

At the next night Vishal is awakened from his sleep by the same music. He finds that it is coming from the chapel where Angelina kept the seven bells. He immediately rushes to the chapel to see who plays it. He saw nobody in the chapel but the seven bells is playing by itself. Hearing the music Angelina reaches there and sees Vishal sitting in front of the Bells. She again accuses him of playing it and tries to get him out of the college. But Vishal decides to stay and find out the truth about the mystery.

Vishal asks the principal about how he got the name Nikhil Maheswar. The principal told tells him that it was from an old poetry of Angelina about love, he got the name Maheswar. It makes Vishal surprised. He doubts weather Angelina had any love affair with someone before. Looking for somebody who knows about the past of Angelina and the seven bells, he reaches an old priest. He tells Vishal that Angelina’s actual name is Aleena. She got the seven bells from her father William Ignatius as he got it by ancestry. William brought someone from far to play the instrument. His name was Maheswar (Vineet Kumar). Admired by his music Aleena fell in love with Maheswar which was protested by her father. After six years of a divine love Maheswar left Aleena giving her his word that he would return, but he never came back. Aleena is still waiting for him. Vishal now realizes why Angelina keeps the seven bells like a precious treasure. Thus the story of Mary and Nikhil Maheswar now became the story of Aleena and Maheswar.

Searching for some books about the seven bells in the college library, Vishal gets a piece of paper with some musical notation from an old book. He feels it was the written by Maheswar. Trying to play it on the instrument he understands it is the music that he often hears at night. Suddenly he feels like he loses his sight. With the intuition he feels Maheswar was blind. He reaches to Angelina and shows the notation to her. She admits that it was written by herself and Vishal can never play that composition in seven bells. She feels pity on him and tells him their love story.

At a night when Vishal was sitting in front of the seven bells, Sneha (Vijayalakshmi), the student who plays role of Mary in the play and who is a fan of Vishal’s music reaches there and requests to play the bells. Vishal reveals the truth that it was not he who plays the instrument but someone else with no shape. It can be either Aleena’s father or her lover Maheswar, anyhow somebody wants to say something to someone.

Vishal had a dream vision of a cart one night. Asking about it to Angelina, he was brought to see her old cart which she used to take Maheswar out. There he met Alberto (Murali), William’s old stable man. Vishal feels something mysterious about Alberto. Vishal again reaches the library to find more books about seven bells, he finds a human Skelton in a glass rack. He is told by the principal that it was the workers who got it when they dig the soil for laying foundation for a new hostel block. At last Vishal came to know from Alberto that Maheswar was buried alive by himself and William. The Skelton he saw in the library is Maheswar’s skelton. Unaware of all these facts, Aleena lays flowers to her father on his tomb, and still waiting for her lover. When Vishal tells Sneha that he cannot let Aleena know about the truth, the seven bells starts to play so terribly. Aleena now understands the fact and she goes to the library hall where the skelton is kept. Vishal tries to stop her but he is blocked by the spirit of Maheswar. In the end Maheswar takes Aleena’s soul with him as we see two doves flying to the sky.


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