Chithariyavar (Malayalam: ചിതറിയവര്‍, English: The Shattered) is a 2004 Indian film directed by Lalji George and written by M. K. Harikumar.

The movie is about a Dalit Youth’s life who is struggling to make his life getting rid of the reservation system, by choosing the merits. The movie tries to portray the need of reservation for economically and socially backward communities in India.

Movie name means as The Shattered, which resembles the Dalit Community in India. The word Dalit too means Broken/Shattered.

Product Description

Viswanathan is a Dalit youth who is a postgraduate, applying his own ideologies in the society. His father Kumaran (Paraya Community) still earning his food by the traditional chat and Poojas.

The movie portrays few issues/concerns of Dalit society and cast based reservation system. The protagonist, though eligible for reservation seats, is not utilizing it, instead puts effort to get through general merits.

Movie addresses the issue of traditional jobs Vs educational jobs in the Indian Civil Society in a Dalit Perspective. The inferiority complex in Dalit mind as well is exploited in the movie.

Chithariyavar was shot at Shornur Koonathura.


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