3 Wicketum 365 Runsum

The great actor and comedian Jagathi Sreekumar’s accident had given a terrific shock to the M’town. The pain and his absence is still in the hearts of Malayalees. But we can soon see him in the screens in his project 3 Wickets 365 Runs which Jagathi had completed before the fatal accident met him. The film produced by Esthayil Vazhakala is directed by K. K. Haridas.

Product Description

Jagathi Sreekumar will be appearing in five different roles in the flick. The story of film is by Jayprakash whereas script is by Babu Pallaseril. The film also have stars like Harishree Asokan, Cohin Hanifa, Genius Pakru, KPCC Lalitha and Bindu Varapuza.The film will hit the screens on febuary 27th.


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