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An urban married couple struggle with marital issues and ‘irreconcilable differences’ crop up

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Bob Marley in the background, a pub-hopping couple who bond over books and panoramic shots of cityscape at night – Vinod Sukumaran’s Haram has all the elements in place for an urban love story. However, what results is a mishmash sequence of disconnected -though beautifully made – sequences. Balu (Fahad) and Isha (Radhika) are colleagues in a corporate company who fall in love and get married in a private ceremony.

We never know how their love story evolved or what went wrong between them. However, bitter fights and drama ensue, and the next thing we see is the girl filing for divorce, while the husband is clueless as the viewer. The non-linear portrayal of events and the parallel story of a struggling actress who acts as a body double and her subsequent murder make the film all the more confusing. The forced, artificial dialogues make the film a tedious watch; there are a quite a few observations about relationships and life that seem plain nonsensical at times.

Fahad has done an amazing job, the actor has obviously put his heart and soul into the character and it shows. Radhika seems too strung despite her charm. Sagarika Bhatia does her part convincingly as an RJ activist with curls and ideals. The individual sequences are flawless by themselves, as also the settings, the visuals, the cinematography and the costumes. The episode where the actress’ body double is determined to live with dignity, despite the way she is treated, holds your attention just like Thaikkudam Bridge’s music video; but all of these spring out of the blue and are completely out of place in the film.

Many of the events happen during Woman’s Day and there are frequent references to what women are and also about the protagonist being a communist during his college days. But at the end of it, you are not sure what it was all about. Was it about relationships of the age? About Kerala being unfit for a postmodern couple or the injustice against women? You never get an answer.


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