Sadhyam is a 2010 malayalam dubbed telungu film, produced by Kumar Brothers on Kumar Brothers Cinema banner, directed byKarthikeya Gopalakrishna. Starring Jagapati BabuPriyamani in lead roles and music composed by Chinni Charan. 

Product Description

Suhani (Priyamani) is very sensitive and has low self-esteem. She is troubled by everything and everyone but keeps her frustrations bottled up. One day, she is witness to an accident and she saves Krishna Prasad (Tanikella Bharani). When he recovers, he finds out that Suhani noticed his revolver, which he lets her borrow as a “favor” for saving his life. He tells her to vent her anger on anyone she hates and he will clean up the mess she makes. Suhani sets out with the intention of killing her two-faced best friend Anita (Keerti Chawla), but the attempt fails. She then moves on to her boyfriend Sandeep (Jagapati Babu), but that too ends in failure. Finally, she gathers information on a certain person who is the root-cause of all the pain in her life and decides to kill him. The rest of the movie is about finding out who that person is and why Suhani wants to kill him.


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Action, Dubbed, Romance

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