Pournami is a 2006 Telugu language film directed by choreographer-turned director Prabhu Deva. It stars TrishaPrabhas,CharmyRahul Dev, and Sindhu Tolani.[1] The movie had a lot of pre-release hype because of Prabhas and Trisha’s earlier hit,Varsham. However, despite the huge cast, the film’s performance at the box office was a commercial failure. The film has been dubbed into Tamil[2] as Pournami and in Hindi as Tridev – Pyaar Ki Jung. The film was inspired from the 2001 Brazilian film Behind the Sun starring Rodrigo Santoro which in itself was adapted from an Albanian novel by Ismail Kadare.

Product Description

Long ago, a great drought befell a village. A dancer (Veda Archana Sastry) from a traditional family came forth to dance in the Shivatemple for many days and nights. Her dedication to Lord Shiva and the village earn her the respect of the god and Goddess Parvati. They bless the village with rains ending the drought. The dancer’s dying wish is that a girl from her family must dance on pournami(full moon night) every 12 years in front of the temple.

This brings us to present day – another 12th year when the dance will take place. Pournami (Trisha), the elder daughter of the family goes missing. Rumours of her eloping are rampant among the villagers, much to her father’s chagrin. Pournami’s younger sister Chandrakala (Charmy) never learnt the dance as her father refused to teach her (after Pournami’s disappearance).

Chandrakala’s stepmother rules the house with an iron fist. She rents out an extra room of their house to earn some money, which is taken by Siva Kesava (Prabhas), a Western-style dance instructor.

The film follows Chandrakala and Siva’s growing relationship, as they navigate family connections and a lecherous zamindar (Rahul Dev) to prepare for the next Pournami dance ritual. It is later discovered that Pournami when eloped loves and marries Siva Kesava and after her unexpected death he is told to return to Pournami’s village where he teaches the villain a lesson and Chandrakala is also taught to dance for the ritual


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Dubbed, Horror

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